Do you know something about new parkour and awesome jumping game? Free Running 2 is very new game in this field. This version is the new and different one from the previous, first version. It is much more addictive then first version and has many features to use. This awesome game is too addictive and have too many users. I`m fan of this flash game and created website for other fans to create community.

Instructions: For playing this game, use Arrow keys of your keyboard. Jumping and climbing is working with X key.

The main thing in this game is time. You have specific amount of time to complete your mission and break your or other's records and get new skills to play more tours and missions. If you love jumping and climbing, you love streets, then you can play this very attractive game whole day.

Impossible quiz 2

Impossible quiz 2

Complete the checkpoints in the time and became winner. This game wants Unity Player,so, if you have not installed it, system will show Unity player download link and you should install it. After installing Unity player, game will start loading.

Below of this page you can see Facebook comment system, where you can add your scores to compete and compare with other players.