Angry gran run is one of the best flash game at this time. It is about Grandma, who need your help for survive. You should be very careful when the grandma is running, because there are a lot of traps on the road. Only attentive persons could bring the angry woman out of this strange, damn town.

I played this great and attractive game too many days in my phone, when I found that it is possible to play Angry gran run on the computer, I was excited. I would like to give you chance to run with Grandma an enjoy. I think that many people love the game like I am. So I would be happy if the fans of the game will content with it.

Here is an introductions how to play this awesome game. To go left side you you should click Z key,
for right side - X, If you want to jump or lie down, press arrow keys- up and down.

Lets go guys and bring the Grandma, as far as you can.And don't forget about taking coins.

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