Do you ever seen how traceour performing a speed vault or how some group of people climbing up a tall building? It's a holistic training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle training. Runners aim to get from one point to another in the most amazing way possible. This is done using only the human body and the surroundings for propulsion.

Because of that, games about Parkour are always full of enjoyment and adrenaline for your brain, because when you are playing it, you'll become one of the most craziest sport follower and you have to do cool jumping and climbing tricks by yourself. For that, Free running 2 is a perfect game, because there is so much opportunities and possibilities to do your run on the most extraordinary and breathtaking ways. If you wanna be more alive and feel freedom while you are sitting in your home, you have to and need to play Free running 3, it's a perfect way to accomplish that.

Main idea of the game

Free running 3 are the newest sport game about Parkour, which includes running, climbing, swinging, and jumping of course, but you have to be careful to jump exactly the same spot where you need, in other case, you fall and game end. It's made by Miniclip developers, who are the bests of making best motion games in the world. The gamestory takes place on the tallest building roofs and that dangerous station, you have to play with a best focus and maintaining as much momentum as possible. The mission is simple, but not easy, you have to run one point to another as fast as you can and meanwhile, choose the best way for your road, because every movement is a spending time and one outstandingly move can make you lose the whole round. So, you have to decide what the movement has deemed most suitable for the given situation and take a step at the edge and then make points by your run and jump skills, but it's not all, differences in other running games, in Free running 3, you also can to step back, take a moment and judge the situation, consider a next move and then continue playing. It's like you are in the movie and you are writing a scenario for yourself.

Gameplay and Graphics

The first game of this series has been one of the best sport game since the release day as a second version and had a lot of fans around a world, but developers don't give up their job, continue their progress and make a way better game than previous versions. Reason for this is simply marvelous. Graphic designers put a lot of effort to make a whole new wonderful maps, new smashing textures and entire new set of movings, also they add a special effects, like beautiful and so realistic rain and city views. Also, the music in this game is so intense and cool, i have to say that, i never heard a more magnificent song in the flash-game before. It's not all about graphics. Miniclip contributors made an impressive 3D view for you. How you can enjoy with this? in every round, where you are running and collecting points, you have to took a look around and find a camera icon and if you took it, amazing stunning slow-motion view will be in action. Also, you have to collect green dragons for bonus points and if you collect all 3 of them, every point what you'll get, will be doubled. In Some rounds, you'll see a moving surface and you need to be patient and wait them to come closer and than runner can jump on them.

Controls are also simple. For movement, you have to use Arrow keys. Up key is to go forward, Right and Left key is for turning and Down key is for back step. Also, when you need to jump or climb, you have to click the X.

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